DTMF MIC Replacement for Kenwood TS-2000

Kenwood has discontinued the MC-57DM microphone for the Kenwood TS-2000;  I found the Alinco Microphone (EMS-57) to be a almost full-function replacement (same connector pinout).  The DTMF, UP/DOWN buttons, PTT, and Mic work the same, the exception being that the Function keys are not recognized.

This is a start – suggestions for a better replacement offering 100% compatibility or modifications to this Mic are welcomed in the comments section of this page!

NOTE:  The TS-2000 supplies 8 volts on pin 5 while the EMS-57 requires 5 volts on pin 5.  You assume all risks using this Mic.


MC-57DM Microphone

Alinco EMS-57


DTMF MIC Replacement for Kenwood TS-2000 — 7 Comments

  1. Hello, I order last week a Alinco EMS-57 for my TS-2000. If I put the Mic into my TS-2000, the lights from the mic don’t came up. If I connect 8 Volt from a power supply to Pin 5 and 8, the lights shine. My TS-2000 have also 8 Volts on Pin 5. I test it with two rigs, but the microphoe is not working.

    • Make sure the lock function on the mic is not set to on and DTMF switch is set to on. Once I get back from Hamvention I’ll take a look at mine.


      • Not sure why it is not working for you. Did you try the DTMF on simplex to see if it transmits by holding the transmit button on the mic and pressing the keypad? Make sure the LOCK is in off position and DTMF is at DTMF.


  2. Hi Om´s
    I bought the EMS-57D too for my TS-2000.
    I found out, that the IC inside of the mice has a 5 Volt reference control.
    So i took a 3,3 Kohm adjutable resistor, opend the mice case, and put it into the
    8 Volt line. Adjusted it until i reached 5 Volt and tadaaaa 🙂 .
    LED´s started shining and Mike works with all funktions like the orginal MC-57DM !

    So now i have 20 Dollar Mike (Boght on Ebay and came from China) that works fantastic !

    Best 73 from Germany


  3. Hi Paul ,
    thanks for your reply. Everything is fine on this side. Hope you are doing well too :)!

    Sorry , i have to make anothe correction. I found out that when i switch of the TS-2000 on and of. The LED´s doesn´t light anymore and the DTMF funktion is not working. When i pull the mice connector, during the TS-2000 is switched on, the LED´s starts shining and DTMF is working again.

    I changed the restistor to a Volage regulator Type : LM 1085 5 Volt
    Now the problem is solved and the mike works as it should be !

    Best 73 from Germay

    Axel DG9BEY

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