Interested in becoming a HAM operator?

Step 1 – Practice exams and study aids are available from many sources. The Amateur Radio community has a long tradition of supporting licensing and education of new Amateurs or hams. The following exam practice aids have been developed by hams to support that effort and are shared freely with prospective licensees–like you!–and with other hams who want to upgrade to a license with more privileges. Following are some exam practice sites you can access from your computer.

Check them out to find out which ones will be most useful to you!

Within the practice tests, online study resources are provided for many of the questions. HamTestOnline (exam practice available free, additional study features available for purchase)

Step 2 – Use the exam search feature on the ARRL website to locate an upcoming exam session. The exam fee run around $15. You will also need your Social Security Number or FRN number provided by the FCC. To get a FRN number, visit the FRN Registration SIte located on the FCC website.

Step 3 – Take the exam.

73s and best DXing…   -Paul